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Our Riverside location provides excellent Service of Process to our Attorney clients in Greater Riverside County. Our Process Servers are some of the best in the industry and our company provides real time status updates to our clients through using industry leading technology. All of our process servers have undergone extensive training and all of them have attended Calpspro training workshops.

Through years of experience in the legal industry we understand the needs and demands of our clients. We know exactly what attorneys are looking for in an Attorney Service, fast reliable results, with quick returns and expedited status notifications.


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Process Server Riverside

A Process Server Riverside is someone who is responsible for delivering summons papers to individuals on behalf of his clients. The business of Process Serving Riverside is important for several reasons. For example, a mortgage lender who has not received payments from borrowers in months would hire a process server to deliver summons that mention the possibility of foreclosure. A landlord may request the help of Process Serving Riverside if his tenant has not paid rent or who is causing trouble on the property. Spouses often use process servers to issue summons for divorce or child custody cases. Here is other information concerning that would be useful.

Three Ways Process Servers Deliver Summons

There are three ways that a Process Server Riverside effectively brings summons papers for you. The first method is by personally going to the individuals home. This is one of the advantages that Process Serving Riverside has over the services of the local sheriff. The process server is dressed in regular clothing so the recipient can maintain a sense of privacy concerning his legal troubles. The second method of delivery is leaving the summons with a household member or at the recipients office.

Provides Evidence of Service To Court

Process Serving Riverside seeks to maintain a strong level of professionalism to all of its clients and one way we do this is to present evidence that we served the summons to the recipient to the county clerks office as required by law. This shows that we are committed to providing high quality service.

How We Serve You Daily

Here is an idea of how Process Serving Riverside operates on a daily basis in order to provide the best service for you. The first thing we do is look for any new orders we received the day before and then we gather the information from clients concerning the possible whereabouts of the recipients of the summons. We then look over the subpoenas and determine the process serving rules of the cities we will serve papers in.

Depending on the area we serve the papers in, we would file a motion with the court to serve the papers. If the court refuses our request, we would mention this to the client and the client would correspond with the court. Once everything is cleared, we proceed to locate the recipient through tools such as GPS systems, mobile phone maps and printouts of maps. If we are unable to locate the recipient, we can assist the client with researching possible residences of the recipient.

We Are Licensed and Bonded

The Process Server Riverside workers are all licensed and bonded as well as registered with Riverside County so you do not have to wonder if you are dealing with a company that is not legally able to operate in the county. In addition, the workers all strive to work in a respectful and professional manner.

Situations in Which We Can Serve You

Here are various cases in which Process Serving Riverside can help you get the results you need. If you are a divorce attorney and you need to present someone with a petition of divorce on behalf of your client, we are able to do this for you. You may also need our services if you are trying to collect debt from someone in small claims court. If you are a lawyer who needs to subpoena a few people for a trial, the Process Server Riverside can assist with the situation.

We Even Serve Papers Nationwide

If the person is located in another state, we are able to serve summons through the assistance of our staff and other tools such as online databases and other governmental and judicial resources.

Types of Subpoenas

Here are the types of subpoenas that Process Serving Riverside issues to individuals and businesses. One type of subpoena is for the recipient to testify in court on behalf of the lawyer in a court case and another type of subpoena requires a person to hand over documents that would be important in a case. There is also the subpoena where the individual has to make an appearance in court and present records.

We Save You Time

Process Server Riverside saves you time and this is why it is better than asking the local sheriff to find the recipient. When you ask the sheriff to find someone for a certain legal situation, he may take longer to do this because he is often busy handling major crimes and other tasks. When you hire Process Serving Riverside you can get quicker services because the location of recipients is our main priority.

Tools We Use For The Job

We use online databases, GPS navigation systems and online background check services to locate the recipient. We will also ask the clients for any additional information that can best help us locate the person and these are the things that allow us to give the best service.

Fast Delivery

We know that fast service is important to you so this is why we offer various options such as same day or one-week delivery of the summons. This makes your case run smoothly and you will be able to close the case more efficiently.


Process Serving Riverside seeks to offer high quality and timely delivery of summons to recipients and we have a variety of tools available to make the job easier. We will deliver results in a short amount of time and we will handle the case in a professional manner. We will also assist in research if you are unable to find the recipient and we are able to serve papers in other states. We are licensed and bonded and you will not have to wonder whether we are a legitimate and legally-operated service or not. Your needs matter and our top priority is to deliver the necessary papers in order to ensure that the case is solved effectively. Finally, Process Server Riverside can meet all of your legal needs.


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